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Roland GR Systems: Some Questions and Answers - part 02 - 1984

Roland GR Systems: Some Questions and Answers (part 02)

I'm using the MIDI Out of the GR-700 into my Juno-106. When I bend a string, the Juno-106 plays only in half step jumps. What's wrong ?

Although the GR-700's internal synthesizer will follow string bends, it will not output this information via MIDI.

There is a chance that new PROMs will be available in the future to make string bending via
MIDI feasible.

Stay tuned for updates, as PROM modifications to your existing unit will be quick, easy, and very inexpensive.

I've tried using my volume pedal to control the VCF and Pitch Bend function on my GR-700. It works, but not great, what gives ?

Your volume pedal probably uses a potentiometer with a value of 250K ohms.

This value is too low to have much effect on your GR-700.

Try using a BOSS FV-200 or another pedal with a rating of 500K ohms or more.

Is it necessary to use a PG-200 to create patches for my GR-700 ?

No, it's just easier. Edits and new patches can be made one parameter at a time using the GR-700's Edit mode. The PG-200 just makes all parameters available for edit simultaneously.

I haven't had much experience with synthesizers. How can I learn more about generating sounds and interfacing ?

Many colleges now offer synthesizer courses through their music departments.

For home study, Roland publishes a four volume series of books entitled The Synthesizer.

It is an in-depth look a synthesis and recording techniques for synthesizers.

Check out the order blank in this issue of RUG for details. Some Roland dealers also stock this set as a service for their customers.

I have a GR-300 and one of your other guitar controllers, a G-505.
I have heard that the GR-300 and your older controllers will not work with the GR-700. Is this true? If it is, how can I interface my system with the GR-700 ?

All that is required to use your GR-300 module with your GR-700 module is a US-2 Unit Selector, which functions like a 24 pin A/B box.

Any of the Roland guitar controllers will work well with the GR-700.

The controls on the instruments have a slightly different function when used with the different modules.

This might make the plastic cover sheet on the G-202, G-303, G-505, and G-808 seem a little confusing.

When using the GR-700 module, the three way mini toggle switch activates two touch sensitivity positions and a guitar only setting.

When editing patches, the Resonance and other controls also take on new functions.

Check your owner's manual for further clarification.

From Roland USERS GROUP magazine 1984

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