Wednesday, April 29, 2009



The Octapad PAD-8 is a dynamics-responsive MIDI pad controller which allows drummers and percussionists to play the 15 percussion sounds of the TR-727 by hitting eight touch-sensitive pads—the most natural way to play percussion. The PAD-8 can also be used to control any other MIDI sound-producing unit.

The PAD-8 is dynamics-responsive so that the player can express any delicate nuance.

Its eight pads can be independently assigned to any percussion sound of the TR-727. The PAD-8 can memorize four different combinations of pads and sound sources.

The stored combinations can be instantly recalled at any time so that you can change your own unique percussion set-up at will.

In addition, several parameters, such as the sensitivity and volume change curve of the pad, can be set for each pad so that the PAD-8 can accommodate the unique characteristics of the sound source it is connected with.


•Number of Pads: 8

•Number of Connectable External Pads: 6

•Number of Patch Presets: 4

•Parameters: MIDI Channel, Note Number, Sensitivity, Curve, Minimum Velocity, Gate Time

•Switches: Edit, MIDI Channel, Note Number, Sensitivity, Curve, Down, Up, Patch Preset (a to d), Power

•LEDs: Program Change, MIDI Channel/Bank B, Note Number, Sensitivity, Curve

•Display: 2-Digit, 7-Segment Display

•Jacks: External Pad Input x 6 (Input Impedance: 1.5 kg), Program Change, Patch Shift, AC Adapter

•MIDI Connectors: In, Out

•Dimensions: 520(W)x330(D)x60(H) mm (20-1/2"x13"x2-3/8")

•Weight: 4 kg (8 lb. 13 oz.)

•Accessories: AC Adapter (exclusive for the PAD-8) MIDI Cable

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