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Fostex Signal Processors

Racking effects get the most from recordings


3070 - Gated Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Precise control over signal levels is essential for a tight, commercial sound.

Variable attack, release and ratio provide full control from a gentle squeeze of dynamics to hard limiting for effect.

A pulse-switched amplifier ensures distortion free performance, and the integral noise gate eliminates pumping and breathing noises.


3050 - Digital Delay

The unusually wide range of delay and control in this compact unit, provides effects such as phasing, flanging, doubling and chorus. A mix control permits in-line use or within the effects send and return of your mixer.

A feedback control multiplies the effects you can achieve.

Three LED's show level and a foot pedal can be used to control delay time.


3010 - Patch Bay

As a recording system grows, a need for a central 'switchboard' occurs.

The 3010 features 32 sets of video quality phono type sockets, front and back, arranged in pairs.

You connect your patch bay using standard cables. There is no need to solder.

Switching sockets mean through connections are normalised (made) until a plug is inserted.


3180 - Two Channel Reverberation Reverb

should be the first effect you buy.

Close miking and direct injection techniques help isolate instruments during recording, but the resulting sound is dry and lifeless.

The 3180 puts back this ambience and adds 'warmth' using a carefully selected spring device.

A built in pre-delay provides a true sounding first reflection and an input limiter prevents overload.

The reverb unit can be used in line (it has a mix facility), or with auxiliary send and return facilities on a mixer.


2050 - Line Mixer

It's a simple eight into two mixer, with the added facility of a pair of mike or instrument inputs - yet it can extend the possibilities of your system.

It can be the basis of a frills free eight track system or you can use it as a monitor mixer for your multirack, or to provide extra echo sends.

Use it wherever and whenever you need an extra mix .


3030 - Stereo Graphic Equaliser

Precise add-on frequency control will help you to trim the response of a signal to perfection.

Ten bands of boost and cut on each channel, allow you contour the sound for both recording and PA applications.

As with any add on processor, it's essential that the signal is not degraded, so performance and headroom capability are to the highest standards.

Three LED's on each channel indicate signal level.

An input level control provides a wide range of signal matching for any system.

Fostex Signal Processors catalog 1984

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