Thursday, April 30, 2009

AKAI S950 SAMPLER - 1989

The fine art of sampling


The world's best selling sampler

The Akai S950 is the super successor to the famous S900; quite simply it's everything you ever wanted from a sampler.

The s950 is fast, easy to work withstand produces clean clear samples of incredible quality. But most of all it's affordable at £1399.

Akai is a company that listens to its customers.We listened to your suggestions for the S900 and we've added some ideas of our own. For example:

Expandable memory - comes with standard 750k, expandable to 2.25mBytes, which means three times the memory of the s900!

Increased sampling rate - the S950 has a variable sampling rate up to a staggering 48kHz. Everything from the deepest bass to sparkling cymbals - magic!

Crossfade looping and sample splicing for effective sample editing.

Multi-timbral operation with 8 separate outputs.

Load whilst play - for effective live use.

"Timestretch" - increase or decrease sample speed/ length, without altering pitch.

More samples -up to 99 samples and keygroups can be .stored in memory. _

More programs - up to 198 can be used and stored. ^ Superdiskdrive-will read and write DD and HD disks for your convenience.

Compatible sounds - the 5950 can use disks from the massive S900 and S1000 sound libraries.

Optional interface - just one interface will allow you to use an Atari or Supra hard diskdrive and provide a digital input for CD and DAT.

Optional ME35T audio/MIDI converter which can be programmed from the S950.

Voted 1989 sampler of the year by leading music magazines.

AKAI professional

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