Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elka Syntex - Keith Emerson - 1985

...'On the synth front, I've just got myself an OSCar, which l really like. I suppose it's a sort of modern version of the Minimoog, if you like, but in some ways it's better because of its ability to create digital waveforms and because it doesn't need continual tuning.

Then there's the Elka Synthex, which is good for string and brass sounds, and I've just got a PPG Wave that also sounds pretty good, though in a different way, obviously.'

... 'I tried the Kurzweil, but before I make a decision on that, l need to hear their sampling update.

The one l tried just had the standard sounds in it, including a nice Bosendorfer piano sound which could come in useful if you were in a studio that didn't have a piano.

But then again, I've got my Steinway, and I'm perfectly happy with the sounds l get from that.

The Kurzweil's string sounds were a little bit scratchy, but at least you can really play them, which is more than most synths allow you to do: usually it's more a case of just holding the notes down.

I'm still toying with the idea of the Kurzweil, but it's a lot of money just for the presets: I'll have to see the sampling first.'

From E&MM 1985

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