Thursday, April 23, 2009

ENSONIQ SQ1 - 1990

Book your next session at the ENSONIQ SQ-1 Personal Music Studio and get ready to make some great music.

You'll get an incredible sound and an array of features that are hard to believe, but easy to master. And getting into a studio has never been so affordable.

Already have a studio?

Now you can get that impressive SQ-1 sound in a rack mount unit—the ENSONIQ SQ-R. Upto 340 sounds* dynamic effects and room for 80 sound combinations for 8-part splits, layers and MIDI multi-timbral control.

Not to mention our "Smart Transmit" T" function, an ENSONIQ exclusive that turns any key-board connected to an SQ-R into an 8-zone master controller.

So whether you're looking for a studio, or just want to make your current set-up
a little smarter, try out the SQ-1 or the new SQ-R at any ENSONIQ dealer—just answer the ad above for one near you.

*with optional card

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