Saturday, April 25, 2009

KAWAI K1 Super Synth - 1988

The All New MultiTimbral KAWAI K1 Super Synth with variable Memory & P.C.M. Voicing (also available in modular form - K1 M)

• 52 P.C.M. samples stored in ROM — 30 one shot samples including drums, piano, guitar and slap bass. 8 looped samples including string, voice and guitar as well as omnibus and reverse samples — plus 204 VM waveforms, providing virtually limitless sound creation possibilities.

• Instantly accessed and displayed — 64 single and 32 multi preset sounds.
Each multi voice is derived from a combination of up to 8 single sounds. Additional Comprehensive Sound Card Library available.

• Any of the 256 wave forms can be assigned to any one of 4 separate D.C.O. sources.
Each of the 4 sources have separate tuning, envelope control and delay features. Any one source can be made to
modulate another.

• In multi mode, each voice making up the sound can be routed through left, right or both outputs to enhance stereo effect or to provide separate outputs for external effect units.

• Each separate voice, making up a multi sound, can be assigned to a separate Midi channel and
each of these voices may be assigned to a different zone on the keyboard. Splits and layers may also be achieved by velocity switching.

• In multi mode, each single voice may be assigned a specific polyphony or set to variable (VR). This allows the K I /K I M to dynamically reassign polyphony continuously— indispensable when working with a sequencer.

• 61 note, touch and pressure sensitive keyboard. Up to 16 note polyphony, pitch bend, modulation wheel and joy stick control for real time access of sound source and parameter functions with full Midi implementation, are all provided and so much more besides.

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