Saturday, April 25, 2009

KAWAI K5 - super synthesizer - 1987

The all new KAWAI K5 synthesizer hails a new era in professional, user friendly, synthesizer technology. It provides no less than 48 'single' and 48 'multi' voices, being 96 in all plus a further 96 on RAM card.

Two sources of harmonic sound generation are incorporated, each having 64 harmonics available. You can select these either singly or combined when up to 128 harmonics will be available.

For super sound shaping, a very sophisticated digital harmonic control system (DHG) is provided.

This controls the dynamics of each of the 64 harmonics of each sound source.

You have total harmonic control in real time with the added benefits of voice overlap, keyboard velocity sensitivity, release velocity and after touch.

Inbuilt is a high resolution LCD screen providing you with a simple, easy to read, graphic display of your sound settings— harmonics can now be scaled to give far more natural timbred sounds—all of which can be instantly altered and visually recorded.

Audio output can be assigned through no less than four outputs plus MIX.

Naturally full MIDI implementation is provided.

Further good news is that the Kawai K5 is also available in rack mount form (K5M).

Sounds good? It is, and at a really affordable price, but please don't just take our word for it

We invite you to see, try and hear

Kawai K5 Synth 1987

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