Sunday, April 19, 2009

KORG 01/W SERIES keyboards - 1991

In the beginning there was the 01/W. Now this award-winning keyboard has evolved into a full line of extraordinary music workstations.


The 0 that started it all. 32 voices, 200 programs, 200 combinations. And you can access up to 800 of the best sounds on the planet using Korg's SRC-512 RAM card !

Wave Shaping (Korg's exclusive process for modifying waveforms) yields super-realistic acoustic instrument sounds and original sounds nothing else can.

A 7,000 note, 16-track sequencer adds more versatility.


The "pumped up" 01/W.

All of the incredible sounds and power of the 01/W. Plus a built-in disk drive that lets you store programs, combinations, sequences and sysex data.

Flex your creativity with an expanded 48,000 note,
16-track sequencer. Like the 01/W, it includes two Stereo Dynamic Digital Multi-Effect Processors with 47 effects and real-time control.

KORG 01/W Pro

The Pro starts with all of the sounds and music-making power of the 01/WFD.

Add an extended 76-note keyboard and an expanded 10 Meg PCM memory featuring 256 multi-sounds and 129 drum and percussion sounds.

A 48,000 note, 16-track sequencer includes advanced editing functions. Import and export sequences in the Standard MIDI File format. And, like the 01/WFD, it can even be used as a MIDI data filer.

KORG 01/W ProX

The most evolved 01/W.

Features an 88-note weighted action keyboard that makes the ProX an ideal Master MIDI Controller.

And you get the full complement of the 01/W Pro's sounds, sequencing power and storage capability.


A perfect MIDI module. All the sounds and features that have made the 01/W the leader in music workstations.

Plus a 7,000 note, 16-track sequencer with sophisticated editing control. Receives on 16 independent MIDI channels. MIDI overflow. Four polyphonic outputs.

The ultimate open-ended system in a compact two rack space.


The affordable and compact MIDI module for fast, easy access to many of the great
01/W sounds.

32 voices, 128 General MIDI ROM programs, plus 100 user-programmable

Programs and Combinations. Program and PCM card slots that use 2 Meg PCM cards. Compatible with Korg's RE-1 Remote Editor.

Receives on 16 individual MIDI channels. A comprehensive, open-ended system in one rack space.

Go to your Korg dealer and audition the 0 Series. See how much music workstations have evolved. And while you're at it, discover the growing library of Korg 0 Series sound cards.

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