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Why combine a sampler and a synthesiser ?

I need to get to my sounds quickly and also create new patches when I'm on tour. The DSS-1 gives me that flexibility. It's a very responsive instrument. Steve Winwood Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Composer

Korg combines the realism of sampling with the flexible control of synthesis to create a new kind of keyboard with unlimited possibilities for musical experimentation: the DSS-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer.

The DSS-1 recreates sounds with digital precision. But it also shapes the complexity and variety of sampled sources into new dimensions of sound.

Exceptional Range The DSS-1's extraordinary potential for creating new sounds begins with three sound generation methods.

Digital oscillators sample any sound with 12 bit resolution.

Two sophisticated waveform creation methods — Harmonic Synthesis and Waveform Drawing — let you control the oscillators directly.

Use each technique independently, or combine them in richly textured multi-samples and wavetables.

You edit samples and waveforms with powerful functions like Truncate, Mix, Link and Reverse, plus auto, back and forth or crossfade looping modes.

Then apply a full set of synthesis parameters, including two-pole or four-pole filters and Korg's six-stage envelopes.

Exact Control Choose from four sampling rates between 16 and 48 KHz, with up to 16 seconds of sampling time.

Configure the keyboard with 16 splits assignable over the full 127 note MIDI range. Layer or detune the two oscillators on each of eight voices.

Then process your sounds with a complete synthesizer architecture and two programmable DDLs.

The DSS-1's power is easy to use, so you can work with sound and music, not programming manuals.

The backlit 40 character LCD display takes you through the total sound generation process with options and instructions at every step.

Software that talks your language and a logical front panel menu help you go beyond synthesis, beyond sampling — without dictating your direction.

Expression The DSS-1's five octave key-board is velocity- and pressure-sensitive,for precise touch control of Autobend, VCF VCA, envelope rates and other parameters.

Velocity Switch lets you play completely different sounds as you change your attack.

Unlike other samplers, the DSS-1 lets you access 128 sounds without changing a disk.

Each disk stores four Systems of 32 sounds. Within each System, your programs combine up to 16 sample groups and/or waveforms with complete sets of synthesis parameters and keyboard setups.

In effect, the DSS-1 becomes a new instrument every time you call up a System.

The library of easily available 3½" disks is already substantial and growing fast. Four disks — each with 128 sounds — are supplied with the DSS-1 to start your comprehensive Korg sampling library.

By combining the best of digital sampling with familiar and flexible control of synthesis, the DSS-1 allows the modern synthesist to experiment with new sounds never before available.
Start exploring the fusion of sampling and synthesis now, at your authorized Korg Sampling Products dealer.

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