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KORG - Vision Becomes Reality - The M1 Music Workstation - 1989

Vision Becomes Reality

The KORG M1 Music Workstation

Every once in a while someone comes up with a better product. Less often, à company creates a better product that changes the entire nature of the music industry.

The Korg M1, a digital synthesizer/ rhythm programmer/sequencer/multieffects workstation, was conceived as a powerful tool that not only helps creative musicians express their ideas in the most complete form, but also becomes one of the most expressive and versatile performance instruments ever built.

Power To Perform

The Ml brings a new level of power to live performance with 2 megawords of ROM.

Every one of the Programs and Combinations (up to 100 of each) is ready to play instantly.

There's no loading time, because there's no loading.

Nothing else gives you sounds this good, this fast.

The 61 note velocity and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard includes extensive parameter voicing that puts literally unlimited performance power in your hands with features like layers, splits and eight way zones across the keyboard.

Power To Produce

The heart of M1's power is 4 megabytes of 16 bit PCM ROM with multisamples of pianos, strings, brass, voices, guitars, attack transients, waveforms and much more.

M1's full-function drum machine has over 42 internal drum and percussion sounds that can be grouped into four user-defined drum kits.

Give extra dimension to your sounds with M1's 33 digital multi-effects including reverbs, stereo delays, panning chorusing, a digital exciter, distortion and more with a choice of four effects per program or combination independently mutable to the four polyphonic outs.

Put an entire musical composition or arrangement together with M1's comprehensive 8-track sequencer with song position pointer, phrase and linear based recording, dynamic voice allocation, as well as single. event editing.

And M1 power is designed to grow with you: RAM card memory stores extra sequences or programs. And there's an expanding sound library on ROM cards.

Let M1 power turn your ideas into realities. See your authorized Korg Dealer to find out more about the M1 Musical workstation.

KORG M1 1989

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