Friday, April 17, 2009


Once again, Powertran and E&MM combine to bring you versatility and top quality from a product out of the realms of fantasy and within the reach of the active musician.

The MCS-1 will take any sound, store it and play it back from a keyboard (either MIDI or v/octave). Pitch bend or vibrato can be added and infinite sustain is possible thanks to a sophisticated looping system.

All the usual delay line features
(Vibrato, Phasing, Flanging, ADT, Echo) are available with delays of up to 32 secs.

A special interface enables sampled sounds to be stored digitally on a floppy disc via a BBC microcomputer.

The MCS-1 gives you many of the effects created by top
professional units such as the Fairlight or Emulator. But the I MCS-1 doesn't come with a 5-figure price tag.

And, if you're
prepared to invest your time, it's almost cheap !

MCS-1 complete only £849 + VAT Save even more with the MCS-1 kit:
PRIOR/RAM only £599 + VAT
Demonstration Tape £2.50 + VAT

Powertran kits are complete down to the last nut and bolt, with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.


Memory Size: Variable from 8 bytes to 64K bytes.
Storage time at 32 KHz sampling rate: 2 seconds. Storage time at 8 KHz sampling rate: 8 seconds.
Longest replay time (for special effects): 32 seconds.
Converters. ADC & DAC: 8-bit companding.
Dynamic range: 72 dB.

Audio Bandwidth: Variable from 12 KHz to 300 Hz.
Internal 4 pole tracking filters for anti-aliasing and recovery.
Programmable wide range sinewave sweep generator.
MIDI control range: 5 octaves.

+1 V/octave control range: 2 octave with optional transpose of a further 5 octaves.


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