Monday, April 20, 2009



Sampling Keyboard can record, in it's own computer memory, any type of sound at a sampling rate of 30 or 15 kHz.

When set at 15 kHz, samples of up to 8.8 seconds can be recorded.

This can then be played by it's four octave, touch-sensitive keyboard.

It has four banks enabling any of four samples to be instantly selected, either individually, layered, or in split mode.

A choice of automatic or manual looping makes editing easy.

Samples can then be stored on the inbuilt 2.8 inch quick disk system.

The Roland S-50

Sampling Keyboard is similar except that up to 16 different sounds may be recorded, played with a 61 note keyboard and stored on a 3.5 inch floppy disk system.

When set at 15 kHz, samples of up to 29 seconds can be recorded. In addition, an inbuilt output direct to an RGB video monitor allows all split points and diskette data to be displayed.

Waveforms can be edited by Sight and Tuning, Transpose, Looping, Envelope, Key-assignment, etc. can be seen in one screen.

Shortly to come will be a Digitizer Tablet for even easier editing and a range of Sequencer and Music Education Software.

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