Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roland's A-80 Mother Keyboard - 1989


Chances are you don't have four arms - so why have four keyboards on stage? is it because you enjoy those ballerina-like pirouettes struggling to reach a synth at the top of your scaffolding super-structure while playing pad chords on a synth ten feet away? Or because you 've never found anything that gives enough flexibility as a performance rig?

Roland's A-80 Mother Keyboard puts keyboards literally at your fingertips.

Independent Zones allowing any combination of layers and splits, control up to four sound sources at once.

Each of 64 Patch Memories remembers not only keyboard zoning but also the settings of 12 performance controllers.

System Exclusive and Program Change Messages, editable velocity and aftertouch curves. Pitch Bend range and Modulation depth values.

The A-80 has an 88-key piano-weighted action - if you prefer a lighter touch the A-50 offers the same superb features with a 76-key synthesizer feel.

Either choice has Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels plus combined Pitch/Modulation Levers
Channel and Polyphonic Aftertouch.

Things needn't get out of hand when playing live either Not only Patches but also each Zone within a Patch can be named for easy reference on the large-scale LCD.

Any zone may be muted or solo-selected, and two MIDI INs (as well as four MIDI OUTs) allow
use with remote Keyboards or merging with sequencers.

32 programmable Patch Chains of up to 32 Patches each

Bulk Dump and Load, and a RAM-card option make even the most intricate live set-up uncomplicated.

And if things ever do get out of hand. just press the Panic button for an immediate system reset!

The Roland A80 - this Mother's the Daddy of 'em all !

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