Monday, April 20, 2009



The process of playing and recording drums has changed dramatically since the Simmons SDS5 burst onto the scene earlier in the decade.

Terms such as "sampling" and "sequencing" are as much a part of the modern drummer's vocabulary as "shell" and "head".

This has raised a number of important questions. Are the traditional skills of the drummer being overlooked ?

What does the future hold for drummers in the face of ever more sophisticated drum machines ?

At Simmons we have dedicated ourselves to one objective—the furtherance of the drummer's art through the application of high technology to the, instrument.

Our greatest achivement is the SDX—the new standard in professional electronic percussion
Its drum and cymbal sounds are constructed from groups of high quality samples, subtly
controlled by instructions from "Zone Intelligent" pads.

Using ultra-sensitive, force sensing materials, these pads detect not only the dynamic but the precise point of impact of each stroke. This provides a degree of player control not previously associated with electronic percussion.

SDX is a 16 voice, 10 piece kit with an unparalleled range of features.

16 bit sampling with variable sample rate up to 44.1 KHz.

Integral disc drive.

Expandable memory up to 8 megabytes of RAM (88 seconds of sampling at 44.1 KHz).

A "SCSI" port to access hard disc drives Extensive sample manipulation, cross fading and layering facilities.

Integral VDU for detailed display of complex graphics, waveforms etc. A "Tracker Ball" to control a user friendly, menu driven programming format.

A growing library of "drum discs", created by some of the World's leading drummers and producers.

A fully assignable MIDI interface.

A digital recording package to be released later in the year for real time recording and on screen editing of drum parts with SMPTE chase/lock.

Dynamic key pads for "drum machine" type programming.

A sound analysis package for release later in the year allowing complex waveform analysis and on screen manipulation of samples.

Sound quality—player control—simplicity of use.

A total percussion system for the professional drummer from the original name in electronic drums.

Now more than ever, Simmons have put the musician in control of the machine.


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