Thursday, April 23, 2009


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The SDX is a dedicated music computer. Up to 88 seconds of sampling with true 16-bit resolution at the out-puts, 64 tracks of sequencing, on-screen sample and sequence editing, SMPTE—it's all on board.

Play the SDX, either from a MIDI keyboard or "Zone Intelligent" drum pads, and you'll discover a truly responsive musical instrument.

Saxes that scream when they're loud and whisper when they're quiet.

Crash cymbals that you can choke.

A piano with a loud pedal that really works.

Use the SDX as a stand-alonemusic production system and you'll discover an instrument that's a dream to use. Pull-down menus, on-screen cut and paste sequence editing, tape transport-type controls.

So take a look at the power of the SDX and remember, you won't need another computer to unleash it.


• 16-bit user sampling—up to 88 seconds at 44.1 kHz.
• 16-voice polyphony.
• 16 programmable splits.
• 9 samples per split.
• Pitch bend by split
• Layering of up to 16 sounds.
• 16 programmable tracking filters.
• 64 programmable LFOs (routed to pitch, amplitude, filter cut-off and pan).
• 96 5-point envelopes (6 per voice) controlled by dynamics and MIDI note.
• On-screen sample editing with real-time loop editing, including crossfade and backwards/forwards looping.
• 16-channel stereo audio mixer.
• Supports-16-bit MIDI sample dump.


• 64 tracks assignable to internal voices or external MIDI instruments.
• Tape transport-type controls.
• On-screen editing—clear/ cut/copy/paste/merge/ transpose.
• Punch-in/overdub/workloop.
• Playback quantization (note on -1/384 ppqn resolution).
• Automated 16-channel mixer.
• SMPTE - stripe/sync/offset sync/ chase/lock/drop frame


• 16-bit user sampling - up to bits seconds at 44.1 kHz.
• Up to 9 samples assignable per drum/cymbal - 3 positions at 3 dynamic levels.
• 16-voice polyphony with assignable voices per drum.
• 16 dynamic key triggers-1.6 "Zone Intelligent" pad inputs.
• On-screen sample editing with real-time loop editing, including crossfade and backwards/
forwards looping.
• Hi-hat pedal input for open/ close/sizzle operation.
• Cymbal choking.
• On-screen drum and cymbal building.
• 16 channel stereo audio mixer.


• Each SDX console is complete with operating software that simultaneously supports key-board, sequencing and drum applications.
• Expanding sound library includes 100s of keyboard and drum samples.
• Memory upgrade options: 2/4/6/8 Mb RAM- 20/70 Mb internal hard disk drive.

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