Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yamaha hands on guide home recording - 1985

If you're serious about home-based music production, or resent paying for studio time to do your demo tapes, Yamaha offer a complete and perfectly integrated system designed for people who want the affordable best.

S10X: Super-compact, high performance

S20X: speaker systems

D1500: World's first MIDI/Programmable
Digital Delay 16 programme memories + Pass delay to 1023ms E full range of effects plus Hold & Repeat.
full range 65-20,000Hz ^ S10X - 75W Program m S20X-150W Program choice of mounting accessories.

GC2020: 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter E Stereo or Dual Mono m comprehensive control features expander-type noise gates for silent operation.

R1000: Digital Reverb 4 reverb times (1.5 - 2.4 secs)E low noise/wide frequency response 3-band parametric EQ.

GQ1031: h_ x131 _p

20Hz - 20kHz 12dB cut or boost E ideal for aux. EQ or in pairs for monitor alignment.

02031: Stereo-band version of GQ1031 range switching (±6dB/±12dB) E continuously variable High Pass Filters.

P2150: Pro-quality Power Amplifier 2 x 150W E full protection circuitry E Clip/Protection indicators m fan cooled.

Also available: -150W Mono P125. - 250W Mono P22E: - 2 x 250W

YMC10: MIDI Con allows MIDI-based equipment to be synchronised to your multitrack recorder.

MT44D: High-performance 4-track cassette deck Dolby B & C E light-touch transport logic E forward/reverse cue with search - count/time tape counter E punch in/out vari-pitch m optional Remote Control (RC10B).

Mixer E 4 Tape/2 Phono (all with Line/Mic) Input channels - 2-band EQ, Effects Send, Pan, Monitor Mix E Tape Out selectors for easy multi-tracking n ideal for independent use e.g. keyboard mixer.

RB35B: Patch eliminates need for rear panel connections E includes Tape Sync.
X15: PCM Digital Drum Machine MIDI compatible
15 voices real/steptime programming Stereo Out with Pan Cassette data storage.

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