Monday, April 27, 2009

YAMAHA SY 77 - 1990



The 1980's was the age of the DX7 and the 1990's are going to be the age of the SY77.
And with good reason.

Yamaha have revolutionised tone generation technology yet again.

We're talking about a totally new dimension in synthesis that's light years beyond sample plus synthesis' tone generation that others regard as the state-of-the-art.

The SY77 not only offers advanced versions of our renowned AWM and FM synthesis technologies (AWM2 and AFM), but also it heralds brand new sound architecture that allows sampled and FM sounds to interact. RCM — Real-time Convolution and Modulation tone generation technology — promises to bring you sounds you never even dared to imagine.

The 16-bit sampled waveforms can be used to modulate advanced FM operators to produce warm, naturalistic yet inventive sounds that give you a world of possibilities for real-time expression.

You'll hardly be surprised we call the SY77 'a performance synthesizer', with its three wheels, velocity switching and real-time digital filtering on each voice.

As well as 6-operator AFM synthesis (with eight real-time digital filters per voice), four on-board signal processors, and a 16 track/16,000 note/32 voice real-time and step-time sequencer.

The SY77 is no less at home with ready-made sounds thanks to its 128 pre-set voices, 64 on internal RAM, and two card slots for voice parameter and waveform data.

Add the SY77's generously sized, back-lit LCD display and 61-note velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard and you'll soon see why it's the one synthesizer you need to see and hear.

And that's as simple as visiting your local Yamaha Hi-tech dealer.

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