Friday, May 22, 2009



Here's the most amazing rhythm machine ever – the new LM-1 Drum Computer from Linn Electronics.

Amazing because it has real drum sounds–not synthesized noises, but real drums, digitally recorded and stored in memory.

And it's programmable

You put in your own drumbeats in real time.

Odd time signatures ? No problem.

Your timing's a little off? No problem.

The LM-1 under-stands and corrects the error.

But music isn't just drum-beats.

The LM-1 can be programmed to play all parts of a song – intro, verses, lead-ins, fills, endings, etc... And it can overdub to tape.

Surprisingly easy to operate The LM-1 was created for musicians, not technicians.

Take it out of the box, hook it up, and it's ready to play.

You'll be laying down top-notch rhythm tracks in a matter of minutes.

But it doesn't have to end there. The more you work with it, the more it can do.

The possibilities are endless.


* Real Drum Sounds—digital recordings stored in computer memory
* 12 Drums: bass, snare, hi hat, cabasa, tambourine, two toms, two congas, cowbell, clave, and hand claps!
* All drums tunable in pitch
* 13 input Stereo Mixer
* Separate Outputs
* 100 Drumbeats—all programmable in real time
* Automatic error correction in programming
* "Human" Rhythm Feel made possible by special timing circuitry.
* Able to program flams, rolls, build-ups, open and closed hi hat, etc.
* Programmable dynamics
* Any time signature possible
* Plays Entire Song (intro, verse, chorus, fills, ending, etc.)
* All programmed parts remain in memory when power is off.
* Readout of speed in beats-per-minute
* Versatile editing
* Programmed data may be stored on cassette tape to be loaded back in later
* May be synced to tape
* Easy to understand and operate

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