Tuesday, May 5, 2009


MIDI Channels (CH)

A single MIDI Cable can transmit different messages to several instruments.

This capability comes from the concept of Channels; 16 channels of 1 to 16 are available.

Depending on which channel of 1 to 16 is set on the receive device, the messages received vary.

For instance, in the setup as shown in Fig 8, by changing the channel number of the Mother
keyboard which is located at the top of connection, any of the connected instruments A to D can be controlled by the mother keyboard.

If the performance information is sent on the Channel 1, the synthesizer A will sound, but other synthesizer are silent.

This concept is similar to that when television stations broadcast by transmitting wireless through different channels respectively as shown in Fig 9, a TV set which receives several waves at the same time from one antenna can select any desired broadcasting by switching over the channel selector.

As mentioned earlier, 1 to 16 channels are available, but some old devices has a fixed channel.
Refer to the owner's manual of each device.

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