Monday, May 4, 2009

WHAT IS MIDI - MIDI Devices - Part 2


MIDI Devices

MIDI has opened a new way for electronic musical instruments.

For instance, a synthesizer used to be a single unit, but now, it can be made of two separate parts ; the keyboard controller that does not contain sound source section, and the sound module that does not feature the keyboard section.

In other words, it is now possible to consider that more than one MIDI instrument makes an electronic instrument component.

Let us take an example. A synthesizer consists of the keyboard and the sound source sections. To obtain a sound from a synthesizer, keyboard information (such as MIDI Note On/Off message) should be sent to the sound source section. (Fig 4)

Using MIDI connection cable, the message can be transfered swiftly. That is, MIDI makes it possible to separate these two section of the synthesizer.(Fig 5)

The keyboard section becomes a separate unit; Keyboard Controller, and the sound source section becomes Sound Module.

The Fig 6 shows the position of each MIDI Connector.

Exactly in the same way, the Fig 7 shows the case of a rhythm machine.

The sequencer section is where rhythm patterns are made, and the sound source section where drum voices are stored.

The dotted line in the figure is where the sync signal is sent through.

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