Sunday, May 10, 2009


State of the Artist

Twelve voice digital/analog programmable MIDI keyboard synthesizer.

The famous Xpander voices blended together for the ultimate sound.

Famous DMX drum machine now with MIDI.

Stretch Expansion module for all DX drum machines adding new features and increasing the number of available sounds.

Programmable MIDI digital drum machine featuring replaceable custom sound chips and expansion capabilities.

Six voice programmable MIDI synthesizer with a velocity, after-touch pressure keyboard
featuring the famous Oberheim sound.

New! Oberheim's digital MIDI sampler. featuring sound Manipulation and the ability to burn standard PROM drum chips.

Six voice programmable synthesizer expansion module with the most comprehensive MIDI interface.

Featuring the amazing Xpander voice.

New! The Incredible Matrix-6 in a rack mount package.

Great for adding that fat analog sound to your DX-7 or other digital setups.

Oberheim advert from magazine

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