Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oberheim Matrix-6 SPECIFICATIONS

Oberheim Matrix-6

Practical innovation continues.

The Matrix-6 is the newest addition to the Oberheim line of professional synthesizers.

It combines our unique Matrix Modulation System with a touch sensitive keyboard, and an integrated voice technology that could only come from Oberheim.

The result is the most powerful synthesizer available under $2,000.

Oberheim Matrix 6 Specifications

Six Voices, each with: 2 DCOs
Pulse, Triangle-Sawtooth, Noise, Click
2 Sync Modes
4 Pole VCF
Filter FM
2 Audio VCAs
3 Envelope Generators (DADSR)
2 LFOs plus Vibrato 2 Ramp Generators
1 Tracking Generator
1 Portamento Generator
3 Response Scales
32 Destinations Release Velocity After-Touch Pressure
32 Destinations Patches
100 single plus 50 multi
Matrix Modulation TM
Controllers, Reversable and MIDI assignable: Pitch Bend Lever
Double Modulation Lever
Two Zones:
Keyboard Split and Double
Note Spillover System

Now ... you can afford the best Matrix-6 at $1,595

Oberheim A Division of ECC Development Corporation

Oberheim brochure

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