Monday, June 1, 2009


KORG BX-3 Control Section

1 On/Off and volume
2 L/U Pitch adjustment
3 L/U Overdrive distortion.
4 L/U Tone controls-
5 L/U 4' and 2-2/3' percussion volume and decay
6 Adjusts volume balance between upper and lower manuals
7 L/U 4' and 2-2/3' percussion switches.
8 L/U Nine drawbars from 16' through 1'.
9 L/U Three preset selectors and drawbar switch
10 Rotary speaker effect switches
11 Used to switch chorus and vibrato effects on and off on the upper and lower keyboards.
12 Volume control for key-click characteristic of electromechanical tone generator organs
13 Selects any of three chorus and three vibrato effects, all having different modulation speed and depth characteristics-

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