Saturday, June 13, 2009



Outstanding S/N ratio, professional specs, and remote voltage control capability.

Against the rising tide of electronic echo units, Korg developed the SE-500 to optimize the advantages of the tape echo system.

This unit employs a large-scale DC direct-drive servo motor for striking rotational speed accuracy, and specially designed noise reduction circuitry to ensure a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

Five playback heads give a variety of effects from simulated reverb to a 1.5 second maximum long delay.

With the SOS (sound on sound) feature, you can even double up on yourself and play on top of a whole passage.

Controls including effect switches and tape speed are voltage controlled to allow remote control via outboard units or synthesizer.


•INPUTS: Cannon Connector, 2P Phone x 2
•OUTPUTS: Cannon Connector, 2P Phone x 2 (Direct/Echo Output, Echo Output)
•CONTROL NOB: Input Volume x 2, Tone Control x 2 (Treble. Bass) Balance Control. Speed Control. Feedback Control
•CONTROL SWITCHES: Head Selectors x 6. Input Level Switches x 2, Output Level Switch, Power Switch
•REMOTE CONTROL: Effect Control, Feedback Control, Speed Control
•METER: Input Level
•INDICATORS: LED Peak Level Indicator, Head Indicators x 5 •HEAD: Recording, Playback x 5. Erase
•DIMENSIONS: 420 (W) x 170 (H) x 335 (D) mm
•WEIGHT: 12.5 kg
•ACCESSORIES: Connection Cord, Foot Switch (J-1), Exchange Tape (SET-01), Cleaner •POWER CONSUMPTION: Voltage (local Voltage, 50/60 Hz), Wattage (40 W)

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