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Acorn Archimedes Series - A sampling of synthesising technology - 1990

Acorn a sampling of synthesising technology

Acorn Archimedes Series

The Acorn Archimedes and A3000 computers are different from any other computer currently used within the music industry as their utilization of new technology greatly increases their performance over others.

At the heart of this technology lies the 32-bit Acorn Reduced Instruction Set Chip (RISC), capable of executing an average of 4 mips (Million instructions per second).

Once applied to professional music the Archimedes multi-tasking environment provides the power required to sequence, sample and edit simultaneously.

Armadillo A616 Stereo Sampler

• Sixteen bit Stereo Sampler
• Edits Sections whilst Sample is still running
• Real time graphical editing
• Multiple Samples may be merged to form one Sample
• The A616 is the INITIAL Component of Direct to Disc recording system (due for release early next year)
• Multiple Samples may be viewed and edited simultaneously
• Operates under windows environment
• 19" rack mountable (1U)

Pandora's Inspiration

• 8 track Subgroup mixer with real-time record and mute facility
• Graphical and numerical real-time editing
• Midi patching
• Track splitting accuracy to 1 ms in 80 minutes
• 256 tracks per reel
• 99 reels available
• Multiple edit functions may be performed simultaneously

Edit functions include:

• Push/pull quantisation
• Variable density quantisation
• Merge/unmerge all data types
• Vertical and horizontal compression/expansion

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