Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ensoniq Piano - 1986

More than a Grand

The Ensoniq Piano . . . to say it sounds grand is only the beginning.

It sounds absolutely real. That's because it uses actual grand piano waveforms to give you all the richness and character you expect in a great piano sound.

There's more. In addition to grand piano, there are digitally sampled electric piano, vibes, clay, marimba and electric and upright bass waveforms in the Piano's memory—12 completely real sounds available at the push of a button.

With stereo, MIDI and a separate output for the bass sounds, you have an instrument that's versatile as well as great sounding.

The Ensoniq Piano feels more like the real thing than any other electronic piano.

The keyboard has 76 piano-sized keys with a smooth and responsive piano-like feel. It even gives you control over the dynamics with touch sensitivity and sustain and sostenuto pedals.

And in the Ensoniq tradition, all this great sound can be had for little more than a grand. See and hear The Ensoniq Piano at your authorized Ensoniq dealer.

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