Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CASIO PG380 MIDI Synth Guitar - 1989

The Casio PG380 MIDI Synth Guitar is incredibly quick to respond.

Pluck a string and you'll get an immediate sound reaction which is more than you can say for most synth guitars). Even straight synth voices sound entirely natural.

But it's not just its reactions that make the PG380 an outstanding guitar, or more to the point a unique guitar.

Firstly it is an excellent sounding natural electric guitar. Added to which it successfully combines its talents to become the most flexible synthesizer to date.

And Casio's revolutionary Interactive Phase Distortion (iPD) ensures perfect sound delivery whether you're after straight guitar notes, complex synth sounds or even a combination of the two.

It's also incredibly easy to control sound changes.

The LED display mounted on the guitar face gives you an at a glance confirmation of the selected voice number. And the touch of a button lets you choose from any of the 64 built in sounds.

Most importantly you'll always be in perfect pitch.

The automatic tuner with built in synchronised tremelo unit allows you to switch from the slightest singing vibrato to the most outrageous sounds, without the slightest deviation.

In terms of voice potential your range is unlimited. A pre-programmed ROM card gives you. an additional 128 sounds to your original 64 pre-set synth sounds.

A total of over 1000 sounds are available from an exciting ROM library of 8 cards.

And if you insert a RAM card you can utilise original sounds created yourself on Casio's VZ1 digital synthesizer, and enter new musical territory

You can also use the guitar as a MIDI master controller, by connecting it to other MIDI sound sources or devices. Once again the built in programmes ensure precise and effortless programme changes.

For live performances the PG380 comes into its own. Battery power and on-board synth capabilities overcome the need for cables, so you can enjoy greater freedom on stage.

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