Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Casio VZ 1 literally puts sound creation in your hands.

No other digital synthesizer can compete with its vocabulary.

It gives you 64 factory preset patches, 64 operation memories and comes complete with a standard ROM card (RC-100) for an additional selection of up to 128 patches and 128 operation memories.

You can create 64 original patches and store up to 64 sounds and 64 operation memories on an optional RAM card (RA-500).

All in all you can build a library of over 1000 sounds from the existing 8 ROM cards currently available for use with the VZ1

So what is the key to its unrivalled flexibility?

Quite simply; Casio have developed a revolutionary Modular Sound Source. (We call it iPD or interactive Phase Distortion.)

Basically it consists of 8 independent sound source modules, each composed of an independent DCO and DCA.

The wave forms can be used either to produce audible sounds, or to modify waves generated by other modules.

So unlike synthesizers which only produce one or two oscillators you have eight, allowing you to create an unrivalled array of sonic textures.

Given its sophisticated capabilities the VZ 1 is incredibly simple to edit and programme.

Three menus allow you to set the parameters.

The first develops an effect, the second controls all effects. The third sees to keyboard tuning and MIDI functions and has overall control.

It's not only simple, but the wide graphic LCD gives quick and accurate reactions.

Waveforms, envelopes and other parameters are displayed graphically for precise `visual editing' (it even features a built-in `zoom in' function).

If your creative process isn't stimulated yet, we could go on to describe additional benefits like its combination mode and how it adds a new dimension to multi-timbral texturing.

We could examine the "definable wheels" concept. (Which gives you complete control over modulation effects as tremelo and vibrato.)

We could even discuss how its MIDI compatibility takes it into the future; with multi-channel modes.

Then there's the fact that its talents can be reproduced via a RAM card to the Casio PG380 synth guitar.

And of course you'd like to known that it's available as a rack, in the form of the VZ 1OM.

However, like its talents, a full description would take forever.

Instead we think trying is believing.

Casio Synth advert - 1989

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