Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ensoniq VFX and VFXSD - 1990

We don't call them workstations. Because we took out the work.

The Ensoniq VFX and VFXSD.

We've been told they're intuitive.

That they seem to know what you want to hear and waste no time getting you there.

We're not surprised, because that's the way we designed them. To let you be more creative with less work.

Need to customize a sound to fit your music ?

Our innovative Performance section allows you to edit and combine multiple sound programs with ease.

And what sounds they are. Breathtaking acoustic instruments. Fat analog sounds. Unique digital timbres.

Each sound program consists of up to six high fidelity sampled and synthesized textures combined with 24-bit dynamic effects.

With the VFXSD you can throw away the notion that an integrated keyboard sequencer can only be used as a "scratchpad."

The new VFXSD sequencer puts all the important features of freestanding and computer-based sequencers into a 24-track recorder right where you want it . . . at the keyboard.

The most musical aspect of the VFXSD's sequencer is your ability to audition every editing function. Try a different event-edit, or cut and-paste idea freely, and compare the results.

The Ensoniq EPS and EPS-M—advanced sampling combined with 16-track sequencing with MIDI Auto-mix. Their huge library of sounds includes Ensoniq's acclaimed Signature Series.

Optional memory expansion, multiple outputs and SCSI interface provide room for growth.

The most popular sampling workstations in the world.

If you already have a sequencer there is no better sound source and controller to add to your set-up than the VFX Dynamic Component Synthesizer.

The new VFX Version 2.0 adds additional effects algorithms, sonic enhancements and additional functions to an already powerful instrument.

Work less and create more, with an intuitive instrument that is both powerful and easy to use.

The Ensoniq VFX and VFXSD synthesizers. From the American company who makes technology more musical.

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