Monday, April 27, 2009

ROLAND TR-909 Rhythm Composer - DRUM MACHINE - 1984

We don't call the TR-909 a drum machine for some very good reasons.

True, it's a machine that makes drum sounds, but that's the end of any similarities between run-of-the-mill drum machines and the TR-909 Rhythm Composer.

In fact, playing with the TR-909 is more like playing with a real drummer than anything else. Here's why. We start with digital recordings of real drums, then through a 3-D waveform analysis, re-create the sounds through a hybird digital/analog process.

Not only does this provide the best drum sounds, but also the most flexible. Change the snap of the snare, the decay of the bass, you call it.

The sounds you get are the sounds you really want. Even better—in addition to the 11 internal drum sounds, add up to 16 more drum sounds (digital and analog) through external sound modules.

That means 27 drum sounds with no major surgery.

Program a roll on most drum machines and you'll see why they're called machines.

That's why the TR-909 gives you the choice of Step Programming (highly visual and accurate) PLUS the additional spontaneity of Real-time Programming.

The TR-909 also gives the most expressive and easily programmed dynamics.

Think of any way to interface, and you'll find it on the TR-909. MIDI, Sync-24, Tape Memory Save/Load, RAM-Pak Program storage, they're all here.

So what does this mean? It means that years from now, when other drum machines are sitting in the closet gathering dust, your TR-909 will still be on the job.

Hook up the TR-909 through MIDI to a personal computer (like the Apple II or IBM PC). Only Roland has the Hardware and the Software to make it possible.

Compare the results you get from the TR-909 Rhythm Composer with any drum machine. Because why would you want a machine, when you can have a Rhythm Composer ?

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer 1894

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