Thursday, April 23, 2009

Korg M1 R - 1989

How We Expanded
On The Most Important
Keyboard For This Year.
And Next.

Introducing the rack- mountable Korg M 1R.

A phenomenal success story, the Korg M 1 has become the most highly acclaimed and sought-after keyboard in the music industry.

But some players already have more than enough keyboards in their MIDI rigs. They wanted al of the Ml's exceptional sounds, versatile features and memory power—without the keyboard.

So here's the Korg M 1 R: A compact, 2 space rack modulepacked with everything that makes the M 1 today's most popular choice.

Like four megabytes of unsurpassed 16 bit PCM ROM-based sounds.

100 programs and combinations.

A built-in 8-track linear and phrase-based sequencer.

Powerful multi-effect processors.

Multi-sampled acoustic instruments.

DWGS wave-forms, attack transients and 44 incredible drum sounds.

Plus full MIDI and System Exclusive capabilities.

And we didn't stop there.

We also added a special "MIDI Overflow" feature that allows upto 32 voice polyphony.

Plus there's total compatibility with the Ml's library of PCM, program, and combination can And future expansion capabilities will permit the user to double the internal memory of the M1R

Rack up today's hottest sounds with the Korg M 1 R.


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