Thursday, April 23, 2009

RolandR-8 Human Rhythm Composer - 1989

when you feel the need of a drum machine-but you need the feel of a drummer...
the RolandR-8 Human Rhythm Composer !

CD-quality ('kampaekt disk `kwaliti) adj. a description of the R-8's 120 drum and percussion samples (including a ROM card facility).

feel (fi:l) n. the quality of or an impression from something perceived through feeling [cf. ambience, atmosphere].

flexible (`fleksibel) adj. adjustable pattern length (1 to 99 bars) along with programmable Repeat Marks, Tempo Change and Level Change.

friendly (`frendli) adj. the ability to record in Step or Real Time, and to modify or edit with features like Reframe, Copy, Instrument Change, Merge and Append.

generous (`dzeneres, `dzenres) adj. a programmable memory of 10 songs (a total of approximately 2600 notes); a built-in library of 32 preset patterns in addition to an internal memory sufficient for 100 programmable patterns.

human (`hju:men) adj. having the attributes (esp. a soul) of man as opposed to machines; natural as distinct from contrived.

human feel (`hju:men fi:l) n. the subtle variations of dynamics, timing, accents and tone that epitomize the performance of a live drummer.

independent (,indi'pendent) adj. 8 individual outputs in addition to Stereo outputs.

individual (,indi'vidjuel) adj. characterized by unusual and striking qualities. The Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer.

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