Saturday, April 25, 2009


Kurzweil's new "1000" modules are programmable, multi-timbral sound sources.

There are four modules in the range: the PX Professional Expander, 1000 HX Horn Expander, 1000 SX String Expander, 1000 GX Guitar Expander.

Each of the four modules provides a minimum of 20 channels of polyphony and can be combined to create an 84 channel, 8 output system - enough voice power to re-create the subtlest orchestral textures.

As well as full complement of acoustic timbres there are also 11 digital waveforms for digital synthesis and to obtain superb sound quality, all 1000's sounds are 7x oversampled in 16 bit, floating point format.

All programs are stored in ROM or RAM rather than on floppy disc so they are available instantly.

User-programmable effects include stereo chorus and echo, tremolo, stereo Leslie, and phasing and in the modular editing mode complex layered programs can be created using a selection of LFO's, ASR's, mixers, negators, invertors, envelope generators, pitch and amplitude controls.

User programs can be stored in one of 64 non-volatile memories or saved onto an Apple Macintosh using "Object Mover" where they can later be re-edited.

The Models:

1000 PX Professional Expander - 120 ROM programs, 64 RAM programs, 24 voice polyphony

1000 GX Guitar Expander - 100 ROM programs, 64 RAM programs, 20 voice polyphony

1000 HX Horn Expander - 75 ROM programs, 64 RAM programs, 20 voice polyphony

1000 SX String Expander - 99 ROM programs, 64 RAM programs, 20 voice polyphony

K1000 keyboard version of the 1000PX 76 note, velocity-sensitive weighted keyboard, assignable MIDI controls

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