Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sycologic M16 MIDI matrix -1988

The Sycologic M16 is a 16 x 16 MIDI matrix comprising a 2" rack unit with MIDI indicators and a remote keypad with a large LCD display.

Using the M16X's, the system can be expanded to 16 x 32 or 16 x 48.

A unique feature of the M16 is the ability to name each "Source" and "Destination" with an 8 character alphanumeric label which is displayed during editing.

So rather than trying to remember which instrument has been connected to which input or output, a source name may be simply assigned to a destination name.

Up to 32 matrix patches may be stored, edited and recalled and the patch may be selected by a MIDI program change received from any one of the 16 source instruments.

Intelligent patching prevents voices from sustaining.

The Sycologic M16 is now in widespread use by professionals throughout the industry in both studio and live applications and has become an industry standard in MIDI switching systems.

Sycologic M16 MIDI matrix -1988

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