Saturday, April 25, 2009

LINN 9000 - DRUM MACHINE - 1984

Composition without Compromise.

You need to finish the music today. You've got all those boxes spread out all over the studio. They're supposed to work together, but they don't . . . Why?

Because musical instrument manufacturers refuse to build one instrument that will do everything you need. Is this really the future?

Finally, the needs of composers, arrangers, performers, producers, songwriters and studios are being met head-on with a product that is expandable, interfaceable and presents a clear vision towards the future of music composition.

The Linn 9000.

Everything you've ever Dreamed of in a Drum Machine

All the sensitivity of a real drummer is here: velocity sensitive programming for dynamics, exacting hi-hat decay amounts for every note, programmable tempos, mix, and tuning for each of the 100 sequences.

The 9000 also offers 18 of the longest and highest fidelity digitally recorded sounds yet to date. If you need alternate sounds, load them in from cassette, the optional 3.5" disk drive, or maybe you might want to sample your own sounds using our optional user sampling card.

User sampling, the disk drive, and SMPTE interlock will be available Spring 1985.

Everything You'll ever Need in a MIDI keyboard controller

The ability to compose 32 different tracks on 16 assignable MIDI channels with all the expression and nuance of your performance is now possible.

This MIDI sequencer integrates perfectly with the drum machine in the 9000 yet it's easier to use than a multi-track tape machine: The beauty is in the simplicity of the Operating system; punch-in and out, auto-locate, fast forward, rewind, insert a part, copy another, merge them all.

The 9000 operates the way you've always wanted to — simply, yet without compromise.

LINN 9000 "From the inventors of the Digital Drum Machine." - 1984

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