Saturday, April 25, 2009

Roland GP-8 Guitar Processor -1987

Look into the display of the new Roland GP-8 Guitar Processor and you'll see an indication of effects control like you've never experienced before.

That's because the GP-8 Guitar Processor is actually eight effects in a single rack-mount package—all under the most advanced computer control ever to grace the world of guitar.

All of the effects (as shown in the display) are based upon Roland's legendary BOSS products, and are designed to provide the optimum in sound quality with the minimum of noise.

Effects parameters (Level, Distortion, Delay, Tone, etc.) can be freely varied for each effect, and then these settings can be stored in the GP-8's memory as a patch, along with the on/off status of each of the effects in the chain.

Then the patch can be named with its sound or the name of the song it's used in. (The display above is an actual GP-8 readout showing patch name, and number. The effects that are turned on show up as numbers, the ones turned off show up as "*").

Parameter settings can vary widely for each patch, so, for example, one patch can have screaming distortion, while another might have just a touch.

Altogether there are 128 patches available, accessed either by the front panel switches or the optional FC-100 Foot Controller.

Another pedal that greatly expands the GP-8's capabilities is the optional EV-5 Expression Pedal, which, depending on the patch, can function as a volume pedal, a wah pedal, a delay time pedal, almost anything you can think of.

The GP-8 is also MIDI compatible and transmits or receives MIDI program change messages.

The GP-8's power to switch between radically different effects settings with just one touch must he heard to be believed—guitar players have never before had such power.

So take your guitar down to your nearby Roland dealer and try it out today.

Then, say goodbye to dead batteries, shorts in cables, ground loops, noise, and at the same time see the magic that the GP-8 Guitar Processor can add to your music.

Roland GP-8 Guitar Processor

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