Saturday, April 18, 2009

Osc Oscar Synthesizer Advert - 1985

Here are just some of the people who have bought themselves an OSCar over the past 6 months.

From Dead or Alive to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, musicians everywhere are turning to the OSCar for their lead and bass sounds.

The addition of MIDI and the extra programs and sequence space that comes with it brings the OSCar right up to date.

Join the fast-growing ranks of OSCar owners.

"The best lead line synth to come out since the MiniMoog – but with MIDI". Geoff Downes, Asia

"The OSCar is the most exciting synth in my line up. Three of us in the band use one." Billy Currie, Ultravox

It as all the features of classic synths like the MiniMoog ARP, and much more". John Foxx

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