Saturday, April 18, 2009


A new and unbelievably powerful MIDI equipped synthesizer that lets you play six completely different instrument sounds at one time!

Sequential is proud to introduce MAX. A multi timbred, fully polyphonic synthesizer with a surprising] low price tag. But MAX's low price is just part of the story.

We think that when you compare the new MAX to other synthesizers available, you'll find that MAX offers more sound, more features and more value than any other comparably priced instrument.

Standard features include:

On-board digital multi track recorder (six tracks!).

Six completely independent synthesizer voices, each with its own four-pole filter (no shortcuts here!).

On-board analog drum sounds!

Keyboard split and voice assignment (when used with Sequential's 920 software package and a Commodore 64).

Extensive MIDI capability makes MAX the ideal MIDI expander/computer peripheral. For instance, MAX sends and receives on all 16 MIDI channels. MAX also responds to velocity information from other velocity-equipped MIDI keyboards.

We Listen to Musicians.


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