Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prophet 2000 -Squential Circuit - Brochure

Sequential is proud to introduce the Prophet 2000, an 8-voice professional quality sampling instrument.

Based on 12-bit digital technology, the Prophet 2000 will reproduce any sound you sample with astounding realism and studio quality audio fidelity.

And that's just the beginning!

Once you've sampled a sound (or selected one from our library of pre-recorded factory disks), you can modify it by using the many digital, analog, and keyboard controls provided.

Each voice features a 4-pole, low pass VCF, a VCA, and velocity controlled, four stage envelopes. You can assign multiple samples (up to 16) anywhere on the keyboard.

By assigning two or more samples to the same keyboard range you can create layered sounds and multiple voice stacks for unison effects.

The Prophet 2000's velocity sensing 5-octave keyboard provides you with precise control over loudness, modulation amount, timbre, sample start points and crossfading between two separate sounds.

The keyboard's weighted action responds positively to every nuance of your playing technique.

Additional user-sampling enhancements include a variable input level control, complex sample editing (reverse, mix, truncate), and automated looping functions such as computer assisted zero cross-over and zero slope selection to help you find the best possible loop points.

The Prophet 2000 comes with multiple wavetables stored in on-board memory for building "traditional" synthesizer sounds. You :an play these sounds alone or in conjunction with sampledsounds by splitting the keyboard or layering sounds on top of each other.

The on-board 3½-inch disk drive provides you with a fast and easy method of storing your sounds and custom programs.

The Prophet 2000 features complete MIDI implementation, as well as very impressive arpeggio capabilities including programmable up, down, assign, extend, auto-latch, and transpose modes.

Superior sound quality has long been a trademark of Prophet instruments.

The Prophet 2000 adds to this legacy.

Visit your Authorized Sequential Dealer today and ask for a demonstration. Listen to the sound. The superior quality of the Prophet 2000 is as unbelievable as its low price !

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