Saturday, April 25, 2009

ROLAND - GP-8 Guitar Effects Processor -1987

The GP-8 Guitar Effects Processor is a rack mount programmable effects unit that uses analog/digital hybrid technology to provide guitarists with a revolutionary way to personalise their guitar sounds.

Various effects may be created by adjusting the many parameter settings which are then stored as one of 128 patches together with the ON/OFF status of each effect and the overall volume level.

Patches are changed either manually, by MIDI program change messages or the optional

FC-100 Foot Controller which allows an EV-5 Expression Pedal to control any of the effect parameters.

In one patch, for example, it might act as a wah pedal by controlling the Cutoff Frequency of the Dynamic Filter.

In addition, a tuner can be connected to the FC-100 for convenient tuning at any time.
The Roland GP-8–the complete treatment–with no side effects.

Roland GP8 Front View

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