Sunday, April 26, 2009

SIMMONS SDS 1 - 1984

SDS1 = 8 Concert toms

Proof of equation

Introducing the SDS 1, the new battery powered digital drum from Simmons.

Its sounds are digitally recorded and easily interchangeable, either from the library of sounds available at your Simmons dealer or, more excitingly, from your own personally sampled collection, care of the revolutionary sampling and EPROM blowing device, the SDS EPB.

The SDS 1 is a full sized, hexagonal Simmons pad, complete with new rubber playing surface, and facilitates perfect dynamic control over volume, pitch bend (up or down), attack and brightness.

Connections are provided for battery eliminator and external trigger, accepting signals from drummachines, miked acoustic drums, drum tracks off tape, sequencers etc.

A clever little instrument — but eight concert toms ?

The SDS 1 features a unique "run generator" which, when implemented, instructs the instrument to output the selected sound at a lower pitch for each consecutive strike of the drum.

The period of time over which this effect is active can be controlled.

Therefore, if the SDS 1 is struck eight times with the run time set at four seconds and a concert tom sound sample installed, the SDS 1 = 8 concert toms.

Well done Simmons, stay at the top of the class.

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