Monday, April 20, 2009

ROLAND U 20 - 1989


The U-20 is an entirely new type of keyboard which enables musicians to play realistic PCM samples sounds with the same convenience as playing regular synthesizer sounds.

Using the DI (Differential Interpolation) method also used by S-Series samplers, the U-20 reproduces high-quality sounds which have been sampled and stored in its built-in ROM.

This allows the player to instantly access a vast array of professional-quality sampled sounds without the time required to load samples from a disk.

The U-20 features a 61-key velocity-and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard, built-in digital effects, output panning and performance functions including Chord Play and Arpeggio.

With extensive MIDI implementation and multi-timbral capability (six Parts with a separate Rhythm Part), the U-20 is perfect for applications ranging from live performance to studio recording.

We've done the work ... now you can play !

No pilot's licence required.

Switch on and 128 superb sampled voices are ready and waiting for you to play — and Roland's new RS-PCM (Re-Synthesized Pulse Code Modulation) system guarantees professional quality sound reproduction.

Naturally there are pianos, strings, brass, bass and drums; there are also breathtaking synthesizer samples plus two ROM card slots for SN-U-110 series library sounds.

Up to six layers and six splits, 30-voice polyphony and on-board reverb, chorus and stereo panning make the U-20 an ideal and easy-to-use performance keyboard;
7-channel multi-timbrality and extensive MIDI features mean equivalent versatility when used in the studio. or as a controlling keyboard.

The hard bit was making it easy-to-work — now you can relax and concentrate on playing.

Roland U20 Brochure 1989

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