Monday, April 20, 2009

THE RHODES MK80 - 1989


THE RHODES PIANO is back, and that's official! After speculation that it may have disappeared for ever, excited keyboard players have reported sightings of the new Rhodes MK-80 and MK-60.

The designed team included Harold Rhodes, who was responsible for the development of the Rhodes marque, and ensured that these new models (using Digital Technology) still reproduce faithfully the original, much-loved Rhodes sound.

But the new Rhodes offers much more than its predecessors ever did.

The eight preset voices include:

* Classic -The authentic rich and warm Rhodes;
* Special -the sound of a customized Rhodes with clear highs and full-bodied midrange;
* Blend - naturally distorting lows with sharp attack in the mid/high frequencer;
* Contemporary - the modern Rhodes, crisp and brilliant tones with metallic highs. All these pianos employ a revolutionary new 'Stretched Scale' system, which reflects the imperfections that give traditional instruments their harmonic interest and tonal variations.

Both the 88-key MK-80 and the 64-key MK-60 have EQ and Effects built-in

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