Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sequential Circuit Prophet T-8


The difference begins with the new, extended 76 note (A-C) keyboard itself.

Using precisely balanced, individually weighted wooden keys, the Prophet-T8 keyboard suggests the feel of a finely crafted acoustic piano while retaining the benefits and advantages of a traditional synthesizer keyboard.

It's the most appropriate keyboard ever designed for controlling a synthesizing instrument.

Highly dynamic optical devices sense velocity in two ways: as keys are struck and as they are released. Unlike all mechanical switches these specially designed optical sensors never affect the action, fall out of adjustment or need cleaning.

Pressure sensitivity is standard on the Prophet-T8.

Each key has its own independent pressure sensor which lets you modify the note according to six parameters: pitch, pulse width, loudness, LFO level, LFO rate, and filtering.

When more than one key is depressed, the resulting modulation is individually articulated, not monophonically averaged.

The new, fully programmable, eight voice Prophet-T8 is the most responsive touch-sensitive synthesizer available.

The Pronhet-T8 offers a choice of four keyboard modes: single, double, unison or split.

In double mode, different program patches are layered on top of each other so that two sounds are triggered by each key.

The split mode lets you play different sounds at different ends of the keyboard.

This highly dynamic and precise keyboard is only part of the Prophet-T8 story.

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Sequential Circuit Prophet T-8

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