Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Simmons SDS6 is a fully programmable eight channel sequencer designed specifically to trigger the SDS7 and 8 drum synthesizers.

It allows the non-drummer and composer access to the exciting sounds of Simmons electronic drums, as well as widening the horizon of drummers and percussionists who wish to play "live" (using drum pads) over passages stored in the sequencer.

A unique system of green and red "option lights" guide the user through the method of programming a total of ninety-nine "patterns" of drum music, from which up to ninety-nine sequences can be compiled.

Each sequence can be up to two hundred and fifty patterns long and in turn can be linked with other sequences to compose songs.

Each pattern is displayed as it is compiled in drum music format by the "matrix" which can be accessed at any time to inform the user of the constitution of individual patterns, sequences and songs, and also of vacant memory locations.

Every single drum "hit" can be assigned it's own dynamic level from 1 to 9 and a variable humanizing control introduces a random feel.

A comprehensive range of sync. inputs and outputs allow the SDS6 to work with a multitude of other electronic equipment and a tape sync. facility is provided along with program dumping to an external memory pack in 0.4 of a second, making a vast library of compositions instantly available.

Simmons SDS6 sequencer

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