Monday, May 11, 2009

AKAI S612 Digital Sampler

Sampling is a process that allows you to store and memorise a wide range of sounds from musical instruments to a variety of natural sounds. You can then play them musically via any MIDI synthesiser.

And AKAI'sS612 is a first –Ieading the way in MIDI digital sampling.

Its a tremendous step for musicians, producing a high quality clear sound that is perfect in the studio or on the stage.

At under £800 (far less than any available alternative) it's an effective way of getting into sampling.

By connecting it to your MIDI keyboard, sampled soundscan be produced with six-voice capability over a fire octave range.

The smart, sleek two unit high, 19-inch rack mounted S612 is extremely easy to use.

To capture a sound you .simply press the 'NEW button!

And you can sample, overdub, loop, select MIDI channel and load and save sounds onto the quick loading memory disc drive.

With AKAI's library of sound combined with your own sampling, your synthesiser will be able to produce up-to-the-minute sounds.

It's far cheaper than flying to L.A.

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