Monday, May 11, 2009



Roland Technology-for Tomorrow's Music

Roland's electronic musical instruments have always been the pace-setters on the world music scene, offering new dimensions in both sound creation and musical expression.

Such innovative instruments were made possible by Roland's constantly progressing technology.

The latest result of Roland's digital technology is S/A (Structured/Adaptive) synthesis. S/A synthesis is revolutionary in its ability to reproduce the sound of the acoustic piano over the entire note range at all volumes more faithfully and more realistically than ever before.

Roland's PCM recording technology that produced the fully digital sound sources of the popular TR-series rhythm composers has resulted in a unique new Roland sampling keyboard.

Roland's analog/digital hybrid technology has been applied to create one of the most advanced synthesizers on today's music scene- the SUPER JX.

Combining the advantages of analog and digital technologies, the SUPER JX can produce either percussive, clear "digital" sounds or deep, broad "analog" sounds.

The Synthesizer for Professionals.

To realise the musical images of professional musicians, a synthesizer must be perfect in every detail.

The SUPER JX completely satisfies all professional demands.

The SUPER JX features sophisticated synthesizer circuitry, extensive programmable functions, flexible output, full MIDI implementation, and many other attractive features which allow the user to explore new dimensions not only in sound synthesis, but also in playing technique and sound amplification.

By dramatically expanding the synthesizer's scope of expression, the SUPER JX offers unlimited creative possibilities in all music situations, from performing to recording.

Beyond Imagination

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