Saturday, May 9, 2009

CASIO CZ-1 - AZ-1 - RZ-1 - TB-1

Introducing a touch-sensitive system that's not out of reach.

You haven't gotten this far in your career by making compromises.

That's the whole idea behind Casio's new line of professional products—uncompromising performance.

It's also why we created a whole new division to help you get the most out of it.
And there's a lot to get.

Our CZ-1 ($1,399) is a full-size, 61-key synthesizer with programmable touch sensitivity.

Initial touch, or velocity, can be programmed to control pitch, timbre and volume; while after touch can be adjusted to control modulation depth and volume.

It has 64 RAM memories which are loaded at the factory with a powerful assortment of PD sounds, or can hold the same number of sounds of your own creation. (You can still recall any of the factory presets at the touch of a button—even if you have written over them.)

Our optional RA-6 cartridge ($89.95) can immediately access another 64 sounds, for a total of 192 sounds in all.

In addition, the CZ-1 has a new Operation Memory, which holds 64 key-splits, tone mixes and other combinations for instant recall in the heat of performing.

The key-splitsand tone mixes themselves now have added features to give you more flexibility, such as separate stereo outputs, independent detuning and octave shifts.

Of course the CZ-1's MIDI is advanced to the max—an 8-note polyphonic, multi-timbral system, which allows you to assign the 8 voices in any combination over the 16 channels of MIDI for all your sequencing needs.

And so you can easily keep track of all your sounds, the CZ-1 lets you name them yourself and shows you which ones you're using on its bright, back-lit alpha-numeric display.

Strapping on our AZ-1 ($549) 41-key, full-size MIDI keyboard con-troller is an easy way of adding mobility to your abilities. It's battery powered, touch-sensitive and will support all 128 program changes, even over two MIDI channels.

The AZ-1 can be used to control any function of any MIDI instrument on the market by the use of ten controllers, five of which are user-definable. This allows you to customize its performance to match your set-up, no matter how your gear changes.

Adding drums to your system is as easy as plugging in our RZ-1 ($649) sampling drum machine. It comes with 12 PCM presets, each with its own line output and volume slider, for ease of mixing.

When you want to add your own sounds, you can record up to four different samples at a 20 kHz sampling rate, with a .8 sec total sampling time.

And to make your search for just the right sample easier, it comes with an audio tape of 91 drum and percussion sounds.

The AZ-1 has a 100 pattern/ 20 song memory and is one of the only drum machines on the market whose memory can accept dynamics from a MIDI keyboard or drum pad.

Other features include real or step-time recording, auto-correction up to 1196 of a beat, and tape or MIDI storage of your pattern or sample data.

Whatever system you're using, our TB-1 ($89.95) MIDI switching thru box, will keep it neatly wired with two inputs and 8 switchable thru ports.

Even if price were no object, our new professional line would be a tough act to improve on. As it happens, though, it's the first touch-sensitive system that's not out of reach.

If performing is your life, you owe it to yourself and your audience to check out our performance. It's definitely noteworthy.
Where miracles never cease

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