Friday, May 8, 2009


Give your performance an expressive edge with Roland's JX-8P.

Imagine having one keyboard synthesizer that can deliver classic analog sounds, as well as rich-timbred patches usually associated only with digital synthesis, and is also a dynamic MIDI keyboard controller to boot !

That's the 6-voice JX-8P.

The super sound of this standout synth starts with 12 Digitally Controlled Oscillators.

Each can be set for any of 4 waveforms.

Waveform cross-modulation is the key to Roland's unique AM Synthesis technique.

Also, independent routing of envelopes to the mixer section for separate control over DCO2 results in percussive effects normally found only in digital synthesis.

Velocity sensitivity and after-touch sensitivity make the JX-8P's 61-note keyboard incredibly expressive.

The after-touch sensitivity can be used to control vibrato, brilliance, or volume. 6 different keyboard modes (2 settings each for Poly, Unison, and Solo) let you get more out of each patch.

Fueled by Roland's newest technology, the JX-8P's 64 presets offer one super set of sounds.

Plus, you can program your own patches into an additional 32-location memory bank, or instantly access another 32 patches with the optional C-64 RAM memory cartridge.

Program the JX-8P through its on-board parameter programming facilities.

Or if you prefer the ease of traditional analog programming, use the optional PG-800 programmer for the JX-8P Either approach lets you access 2 separate 4-position Envelope Generators, Hi-Pass, and Low-Pass Filters, an ample LFO section, Key Follow, and

A separate sequence memory facility even lets you pre-arrange a succession of pro grams and step through them in live performance. So why not give your next performance an expressive edge?

You can with the Roland JX-8P

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